About us

Company's primary activity are works in Slovenia and abroad where we offer services in:
  • special REL, MIG MAG and WIG welding
  • manufacture and installation of all types of pipelines
  • manufacture and installation of steel constructions
  • shipbuilding 
Business policy of the company is based on:
  • achieving and maintaining best quality of our work
  • providing professional attitude for business partners
  • investing in growth and development of the company 


We have a team of excellent co-workers where everyone of them is an expert in their field:
  • 2 experienced engineers for planning and monitoring project
  • 30 experienced and certified welders
  • 20 experienced independent experts in the field of pipelines
  • 30 experienced shipbuilders – pipe fitters
  • 20 experienced auxiliary workers. 


Beside our references, we state quality of our work with the TUV certificate.
We are also in the process of acquiring ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standard.

We support young athletes

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